Have a hit piece of content that generated a ton of traffic? Revisit it.

Never create a viral video with the intent of, well, creating a viral video.

Use Google+ and SlideShare to enhance your content’s Google juice.

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Upcycling content

A solid list of “pretty obvious” but not so common content strategies, outlined in digital marketing company iAcquire’s blog.

“If you take popular content in one form (such as a blog post) and turn it into multiple other forms (such as an infographic, video, eBook, and podcast), you will get a lot more different opportunities to promote that piece of content,” writes blogger Kristi Hines.

I’ve mentioned upcycling before. In short, it’s a great way to capitalize on killer ideas.

Content Q&A with L’Oreal

L’Oreal was the subject in AdAge‘s Sept. 13 article on content marketing. Deborah Marquardt, senior VP of content strategy and partnerships, discussed a video that became a viral sensation for a tattoo coverage product that didn’t have a media budget.

Behold, Zombie Boy:

Go Beyond the Cover

“You don’t say, ‘Let’s create a viral video,’” Marquardt said. “They set out to create an interesting and arresting way to show product efficacy. Once it caught on, we were able to do a YouTube homepage buy, but that wasn’t in the cards originally.”

Google+ and SlideShare

Didn’t make it to Content World? Don’t worry, neither did I. But one attendee had a pretty nice wrap up of strategies mentioned there.

Tips ranged from Google+ to SlideShare.

“SlideShare attracts business people who are looking for business content,” wrote copywriter Rachel Foster. “Plus, content on SlideShare often ranks higher on Google than the same content on your website.”

- Justin Rubner